The advantages of hot rolled angles and profiles include, amongst others

Targeted strengthening of highly stressed areas of component parts.

Best mechanical properties through uninterrupted grain orientation.

Best shape properties and fitting accuracy through maintenance of the tightest tolerances.


  • Circumscribed circle up to 200 mm;
  • For flat shapes up to 300 mm wide
  • Minimum wall thickness 3 mm
  • Thickness tolerence+0 to-.15mm
  • Cold sheared length ± 50 mm
  • Fixed length (sawn) ± 1.5 mm


  • As rolled, shot blast, pickled and / or primer coated by prior agreement
  • Materials/ Treatments
  • Mild, carbon and alloy structural steels or customer-specific alloys
    treatments by agreement, e.g. stress-relieved annealing, soft annealing, normalizing, hardening and tempering

Weights per meter

  • Minimum c. 2 kg/m
  • Maximum c. 75 kg/m

Plant Standard

  • 1.5 mm/m longitudinal camber
  • 1° /m for twist, according to norms for comparable cross sections or by individual agreement