Key Principle Of Quality Policy

1.To manufacture and offer to our customers our products at all times with a  higher quality .
2.To become better and better in tandem Continuous Improvement approach is followed and actions are taken to support these principles.
3. To support the individual development of our employees and train them so as to be an integral part of the whole system,
4  As for improvements in quality and cost, to get opinions and advices of our employees, regardless of their hierarchical level, thereby ensuring that they feel themselves as an indispensable part of and as a contributor of the system in general.
5. To make our weight felt with our environmental awareness in the course of creation of our products.

Prior to feeding to manufacturing, steel billets are subject to the following controls:

• Visual checks as to cracks, fissures, plies, slag, surface defects, etc.
• Compliance of cross-section dimensions with specifications, and rhombicity check,
• Quantity, length, straightforwardness, controls, etc.
• Macro etching controls aimed at detection of billet internal defects (oxidation, pin holes, blow holes, etc.).



Slices of steel billets are processed, and a spectral analysis is conducted thereon in order to verify and validate the compliance of chemical composition with the relevant order. This analysis is performed by emission spectrometer.

Our factories, having adopted the quality control as an essential principle at all stages of manufacturing, check and monitor the compliance of product dimensions with standards by means of online dimensional control devices and through dimension checks made by quality control technicians.


At the end of the production line, the products straightened, aligned and packed in conformity with the customer demands and standard requirements are delivered to the warehouse after final checks thereon.



Tensile tests, Charpy V notch impact test,(upto -60°C) bend test, microscopic microstructure and grain size measurements, ultrasonic crack inspections, etc. tests are performed in our laboratory by using the state-of-the-art test instruments in accordance with the relevant standards.