The belief that the primary asset of a venture is its “human resources” lies behind the success of R.S.Infra-Transmission ltd. The skills of breaking grounds and the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovativeness of R.S.Infra-Transmission ltd inherited through its deep-rooted history are perpetually protected, maintained and further developed in all of its fields and sectors of activity through its sense of quality, openness to change, respect to society, awareness of efficiency, and dynamic organization structure. The Human Resources Department, being a strategic management partner, helps and supports all employees through policies and practices for maintenance of competitive edge and superiority.

To this end, our Human Resources Strategies are formed so as to support the vision, mission and business strategies of R.S.Infra-Transmssion ltd. The goal is to improve the existing processes, develop new processes, and implement all processes more efficiently. It is our sincere belief that success is achievable only with human. We always make use of creativity, different points of view, innovations and new ideas of each other.



• We treat each other seriously and respectfully.
• We are open to different opinions, ideas and advices.
• We offer development opportunities to our employees with the intention of maximizing their performances.