Strengths of R.S.Infra-Transmission

R.S.infra Transmission Ltd is an Indian based company who has been into the field of hot rolling of special profiles nd structural steel from the past 30 years.
R.S. Infra Transmission is based in Jaipur Rajasthan India has various strength, catering and fulfilling the requirement of domestic and international market.


India is expected to become the 4th largest economy by 2025, contributing about 5.5%-6% to the world GDP, only after the United States, China and Japan4. While most of these countries face the risk of an ageing workforce, India is has a very favorable demographic profile, The population of India is 1.27 billion with a median age of 28 which is considerably less than the expected median ages of China and Japan.

The working population of India, is 400 million, pointing to the fact that youth will make a significant contribution to the economic development of the country. This ‘demographic dividend’ offers a great opportunity to India


We, as R.S.Infra Transmission Ltd, have adopted it as our key principle to ensure perpetual customer satisfaction by manufacturing or supplying exactly the products needed and demanded by our customers under the guidance of national and international standards.


Stable Political Scenario in India. Stable government formed in the 16th lok sabha not only ensures the support and stability in providing good governance. It will provide the fundamental solution to fix the weakness in the structure of democracy. The situation of India political outlook which indicate the positive development in coming days.


An international manufacturing set up was established in Sri Lanka to produce quality steel product. At present, the groups combined turnover in over USD 90 Million.


• We treat each other seriously and respectfully.
• We are open to different opinions, ideas and advices.
• We offer development opportunities to our employees with the intention of maximizing their performances.